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Chess versus Magic

Chess Vs. Magic

October 12th 2011

It's 3pm on a Wednesday. A day most of the guys in the group call "guys night" to their non-Magic playing buddies. Some do let their other friends k...


jQuery makes marking required fields easy!

October 12th 2011

Anyone who has written a web form from scratch knows that managing required fields is essential. There are tons of ways to validate forms that will de...


What’s The Deal With Content Management Systems?

October 9th 2011

This is the first of many posts on this subject as I explore each of the major CMS platforms.  I have been working heavily with wordpress the last si...

Eat My Own Words

And I eat my own words…

October 7th 2011

So, I was just telling everyone that my ideas on Goblins were fairly unique and that you won't see them around much. That may be true for my local met...

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